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ATB, All Terrain Bike

It’s a new era of (all-terrain) electric motorbike.

The CCW Mantis perfectly combines the power of a motocross bike with a light and agile mountain bike-inspired frame and chassis.

This combination creates an entirely new and unique riding experience, introducing the All-Terrain Bike (ATB).

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Heavy Duty Lightweight Frame

The Mantis production utilizes 6000 tons of pressure in manufacturing and forming the all-aluminum alloy, high-strength frame. This process gives the frame and chassis exceptional hardness and rigidity but allows it to maintain overall lightness.

Samsung Swappable Battery

The Mantis offers an exceptionally large 38.5 Ah Swappable battery pack. The system has an integrated high-efficiency management module so that the power is abundant, stable, and offers exceptional runtime to work seamlessly with the motor and controller.

PMSM Motor

The Mantis has a powerful heart, 7500w of the latest generation of high-performance Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM), providing great power delivery and incredible torque.

Optimized Controller
Designed to Work Like You Ride

The Mantis FOC intelligent controller offers real-time monitoring of throttle, speed, motor torque and electric current power using a multi-curve compliance algorithm. The controller is constantly being optimized based on the data received from your daily driving style to create a riding experience that best matches the way you like to ride!

3 Riding Modes of Adjustability


The Road mode allows you to choose three levels of power delivery.

Great for everyday riding on fire roads, and open areas. This mode can meet all your daily riding needs and offers longer runtimes on the battery charge.


The Sport mode allows you to fully experience the power and acceleration of the Mantis.

Great for use in a closed course off-road track, wide open desert riding, and more challenging off-road trails.


Unlike most conventional motorcycles, the Mantis’ offers a unique reverse mode that helps you get out of a jam quickly and easily.

Knowing this is available makes riding easier and more fun.

Detailed Specs

Length: 1935mm
Height: 1120mm
Width: 815mm
Minimum Clearance: 310mm
Wheelbase: 1290mm
Seat Height: 850mm
Vehicle Weight/W Battery: 122lbs/150lbs
Front Shock Absorbers Stroke: 220mm
Rear Shock Absorber Stroke: 75mm
Tire Size (Front / Rear): 70/100-19
Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc Brake
Controller Type: Rawrr FOC Controller
Max Load Capacity: 120lbs/265lbs
Front/Back Disc Brake: 203mm
Max Speed: 52Mph/h
Max. Torque for Driving Wheel: 459NM
Energy Recovery: EABS Brake
Battery Type: Lithium
Battery Brand: Samsung
Battery Cap: 60V 35Ah
Mileage: 81 Miles (15mph)
Charging Time: 3-6 Hours
Charger Input Voltage: AC90/264V
Over-current Protection Value: 120A
Motor Type: PMSM
Nominal Power: 4000W
Max. Motor Power: 7500W
Nominal Torque: 7.5N.m
Max Torque: 45N.m
Motor Rotation Speed: 5100RPM
Motor Efficiency: 94%
Max Motor Rotation Speed: 6000RPM
IP Rating: IPX7
Climbing Ability: 50°+
Cooling Method: Air-Cooled
Insulation Class: H/180℃


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